Influencer Relations

Influencer Relations

Influencers act as a powerful 3rd party endorsement that drives purchase behavior and lasting brand advocacy.

Storyteller Communications has a successful track record of cultivating mutually beneficial influencer relationships and audience specific outreach. Our team is deeply skilled at finding the right influencers and building long-term relationships on behalf of your brand. Our ultimate goal is to create a core team of enthusiastic and passionate advocates who provide continuous coverage and consistent messaging in the most organic way possible. 

We establish and direct influencer channels that further build your brand, loyal customer base, and community. These lasting, enduring relationships drive sales and have a bottom-line impact on your business.

Through both organic and paid influencer programming, we develop and execute customized programs across industry verticals. When campaigns involve paid influencer activation, we negotiate individual contracts, deliver product and experience, and ensure the campaign adheres to legal requirements.

Contact us and we will help you build your tribe.