About Us

About Us

Flexibility grows fresh ideas.

We’re a boutique public relations, social media, influencer, content and digital communications firm that specializes in helping brands figure out what to say, how to tell it, and who to tell it to.

At Storyteller Communications, we develop innovative and integrated marketing communications strategies that help brands engage in smarter, more impactful ways with consumers, the media, and influencers.

Using a well-planned strategy, data, insights and years of experience to inform our thinking, we blend the art and science of communication to help you:

  • Uncover your company’s true differentiator.
  • Develop effective campaigns that combine a mix of earned, owned and paid media strategy combined with online, offline, and grassroots tactics.
  • Craft compelling, relevant messaging that truly tells your story and separates you from your competition.
  • Inspire your customers, prospects, and the media to the desired action.
  • Develop marketing concepts that are driven by great content, creativity, and influence to create meaningful connections between consumers and the brands they use

Meet the Storytellers

Creativity is our shared strength.

We are an eclectic team of seasoned communicators who bring diverse experiences with a wide-range of skills, disciplines and expertise.

Kimberley O'Quinn, President & CEO
Christy Lee
Christy Lee, Consultant
Catherine Rodrigues
Catherine Rodrigues, Consultant
Laura-Frnka-Davis, Consultant
kate axtell
Kate Axtell, Consultant

That’s our story. How can we help you tell yours?

Contact us today and let’s get started.